North Carolina Occupational Therapist CEUs

30 courses
61 hours

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Course Title   Hours   Price      
Treating Individuals with Limb Loss and Limb Reduction ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Fundamentals for Skilled Nursing ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Moral Distress: Coping with Ethical Challenges In OT Practice ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Sensory Intervention: Does It Have a Biological Evidence Base? ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Supporting Drivers with Disabilities ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Reflexes and Evidence-Based Practice ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Adult ADHD ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Rest and Sleep Across the Lifespan ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Lymphedema Management ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Transitioning to Academia ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Private Practice Occupational Therapy ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Behavior Management Across the Lifespan ›   3.25*hours $29.25  View Course  Take Exam
Human Trafficking ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Professional and Ethical Issues in Occupational Therapy ›   5.50hours $49.50  View Course  Take Exam
Dementia Care ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
The IEP Process ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Vision Deficits and Occupation › FREE!   1.25*hours FREE  View Course  Take Exam
Telehealth for Occupational Therapy ›   1.25*hours $11.25  View Course  Take Exam
Pediatric Feeding and Eating ›   1.25*hours $11.25  View Course  Take Exam
Mental Health and OT ›   1.25*hours $11.25  View Course  Take Exam
Biofeedback for Occupational Therapy ›   1.25*hours $11.25  View Course  Take Exam
Fall Prevention ›   1.75*hours $15.75  View Course  Take Exam
Early Developmental Milestones ›   1.25*hours $11.25  View Course  Take Exam
Stroke Rehabilitation: An In-Depth Guide ›   1.75*hours $15.75  View Course  Take Exam
Pelvic Floor Therapy ›   1.75*hours $15.75  View Course  Take Exam
Burnout in Occupational Therapy Practice ›   1.25*hours $11.25  View Course  Take Exam
Orthosis - An Overview ›   1.75*hours $15.75  View Course  Take Exam
OT in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ›   2.25*hours $20.25  View Course  Take Exam
Sensory Processing ›   1.25*hours $11.25  View Course  Take Exam
An Occupational Therapy's Role to Seating and Positioning ›   1.25*hours $11.25  View Course  Take Exam