About OT Mastery

OT Mastery is a premier CE education provider for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants and our mission is to provide online continuing education nationwide. We are committed to making our online education programs accessible and affordable for our users as well as keeping up with trends in the fields we serve. We continually add new, digital courseware to our ever expanding library overseen by our licensed courseware administrators.

Dr. Kayla Hartt, OTRL

Dr. Kayla HarttDr. Kayla Hartt is an occupational therapist, freelance writer, and educator. She spends about half of her time working directly with young kids in her private practice, and the other half writing, creating, and collaborating. Kayla has a passion for educating therapists, teachers, and families on best practices in occupational therapy. Special areas of interest include sensory processing, fine motor development, handwriting, interdisciplinary collaboration and burnout prevention. Kayla lives in Maine with her husband and two-year-old daughter.

EdCompass, LLC

OT Mastery is owned and operated by EdCompass, LLC. EdCompass is made up of a solid team of professionals dedicated to providing innovative CE solutions to licensed professionals all across the nation. Learn more about EdCompass at https://www.edcompassedu.com.